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We take safeguarding extremely seriously in our churches. Melonie Hambly is the parish safeguarding officer for St Matthew’s, Louise Whittaker for St Edmund’s (with the aid of Madeleine Fullerton). All our PCC members and anyone who works with children and vulnerable adults will have had the required checks and will have done the appropriate training.

If you’re worried that a child or vulnerable adult in this church might be suffering from some kind of abuse

  • DO NOT try to diagnose, investigate or sort it out yourself

  • THINK HARD about what it is about the child’s appearance or behaviour that is making you worried or suspicious

  • DO NOT promise confidentiality if someone talks to you about what might be abuse

  • DECIDE who you should Talk to, and

  • TALK TO THEM – within 24 hours


This flow chart, produced by the Diocese, lays out the procedure in full details: safeguarding-flowchart 


Here is the PCC Safeguarding Policy for St Matthew's, Darley Abbey.






Here is the PCC Safeguarding Policy for St Edmund's, Allestree.

Melonie’s contact details are 07496 322880 – Louise’s 01332 556455 – Caroline in the Office is on 01332 552031. The Diocesan Safeguarding Team can be contacted on 01332 388678.


The Diocese of Derby is currently involved in a Past Cases Review, going back through the safeguarding cases that have involved clergy or church officers over the last decade. Peter, our previous Vicar, worked with Melonie Hambly (Parish Safeguarding Officer at St Matthew’s) and Louise Whittaker (PSOs at St Edmund’s), had a conversation with Chris Dyer (previous Vicar), and returned his review paperwork to the Bishop. However, if anyone in our communities has anything you would like to talk about, please do contact one of us. Alternatively you can phone the Diocesan Safeguarding Team on 01332 388678 or the dedicated national hotline run by the NSPCC on 0800 802020.

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