Services - the normal pattern

Currently (August 2021) we have one service in each church on a Sunday, both at 10 am, and a Zoom service at 11.30 am from Peter's study. We have Evensong at 6 pm - alternating between the churches (see the Diary page) We have restarted the Wednesday morning communion at St Edmund's at 10 am. We are not planning any more changes for the next few months. 


In normal times (remember them?) there are times when the service pattern across the two churches can seem like a Chinese puzzle (it certainly confuses the Vicar!). The basic rules are (were):

  • You will receive a welcome in either church and at any service.
  • The Diary and weekly Noticesheets give you the correct information for what is happening on a particular Sunday

  • The main service is at 10 am in both churches every Sunday (except on a fifth Sunday of the month when we have one 10 am service and come together). These services are the best introduction to our churches, and are always followed by coffee and a chance to meet people.

  • There is always a quiet 8 am service - in St Edmund's on the first and third Sunday's, in St Matthew's on the second and fourth. (This is a traditional Communion service without hymns).

  • There are nearly always Evening Services at 6.15 at St Matthew's and 6.30 at St Edmund's (though sometimes we come  together)

  • There is a service every Wednesday morning at 10 am at St Edmund's - followed by coffee and a chat.

If you like music - the choir sings at St Matthew's every Sunday at 10 and one evening a month. At St Edmund's there are two Choral Services at 11.15 am (first and third Sundays), and a choir most weeks at 6.30 pm.

If you have children - All Age Worship is at St Edmund's on the first Sunday and and Kids' Church meets at St Matthew's. Family Service at St Matthew's is on the second Sunday. On the third Sunday JACK meets at St Edmund's. At every Sunday morning you will be welcome, and toys/colouring sheets and a place to escape to are always available!

If you like the old Prayer Book - 8 am and 11.15 am services at St Edmund's, and evening services in both churches, use the Book of Common Prayer.

If you want Communion - the 8 am service is always a Eucharist. There is always a 10 am Communion at one church or the other, and both churches have a monthly 11.15 Communion. Wednesday morning at St Edmund's is always a Eucharist.